How To Write Short Stories?

My Tactic To Write Short Stories

By Rock C. -
Just about anyone could write short stories but few can write GOOD short stories. This craft requires a lot of practices and diligence but with a little time and a lot of imagination you can get yourself off to a real good start. There are a few things to keep in mind when starting this creative endeavor. Once you get started, you will be hooked on the craft of writing.

For example, I recently wrote a Mask story. The only requirement the buyer had was that the story revolve around the theme of Masks. It could be funny, anecdotal, dramatic, or spooky. Since the theme moved me to choose a creepy genre, I looked to a classic Author famous for his amazing ability to write short stories.

Well, I chose Edgar Allen Poe's "Tell Tale Heart" as my inspiration piece. I read the story a few times and ran the voice of the piece through my mind. I kept a journal next to my bed and wrote a few ideas right before I turned in for the night. I also kept a close to make notes about anything that occurred to me throughout the night. Finally, I generate and added my thoughts in the morning.

The general outline rested while I started my day. In order for me to write short stories, I have to let the idea settle a bit. After reviewing the general plot of the story and adding a perspective and voice, I was well on my way. The story practically wrote itself naturally. My non-traditional approach has yielded some good things for me when I intent to write short stories.

Initially when you begin your plans in the stage, it is important to get inspiration. A good Writer is a good Reader too. The two goes hand by hand. Take time to read works from famous Authors or even from your personal favorite that you knew could write short stories well. This person can be a Classmate, an Instructor, or even lesser known Author.

Keep in mind when you write short stories, they are well and short. Reading “War and Peace�is not necessarily the best practice when gaining inspiration for your own creative endeavor. Read writings that are parallel to your genre and your style and ones that are relatively the same length as your ideal project.

Some Writers like to build a story in their heads before heading to the computer screen and keyboard. This is a good practice for someone who wants to write short stories because your tale will practically tell itself if you have thought it through in collaboration with your inspiration. You may want to take a few notes if you are doing mental organization of the tale.

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