Do You Want To Write A Book?

What It Takes To Write A Book?

By Rock C. -
If you think you want to write a book, take a good look at your motivation. If you have never enjoyed writing, but feel you want to do this, ask yourself why. Even those who have loved writing their whole lives cannot muster what it takes to write a book and finish it. If your heart is not in it, it is never going to be done.

Many people have the dream of becoming a published Author. While some people specialized in a certain type of writing, many dreamed of what they considered the ultimate prize, the time to write a book. Many, many people you know may have started to write a book, but the unfinished story is sitting in a desk drawer, forgotten. This is a shame, but it is a common story. It takes a lot of dedication and diligence to write a book, and some people simply cannot find the time to fit it into their life style.

For those who do, there is much more to it than just writing the book. Once you have a finished product, you have to edit it repeatedly until your eyes "fallen" out. Many Writers may write a book, but the editing jobs become too much for them, and they simply do not have the enough energy to do that many rewrites they need to do to get their product better. Some hire professional Editors, but for many struggling Writers, this is just not a good option.

If you have finished your book, you still have a lot of work left ahead of you. The next step after editing and rewriting is to get your book out there for people to read. You want to get it to every Publisher you can think of whom might be interested in publishing your book. This is the hard part, and this is the part where most Writers did not consider when they set out to write a book. The rejection will come, and it will be painful. You may get it published, but you can expect many rejection slips before your Manuscript falls into the right hands.

For those who really believe in their book, but cannot find a Publisher willing to take a chance on it, they have the option of self-publishing. This is a lot of hard work, and there can be a great deal of expenses involved. Not only you have to pay for Pressing, you have to handle Marketing and distribution yourself. Take certain caution of online sites offering to help you with this, some are Swindles. Research and compare any company before you sign or agree to anything.

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