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By Jones Ng -
People have been playing games on computers since there have been computers especially teenagers. From the educational Spelling Games online through Toy Story games. Gen Xers will remember their first run at Pong, while most twenty something will remember fondly playing Oregon Trail and the despair they felt when their oxen died or their whole wagon was struck down by diphtheria.

Now in games like Everquest or World of Warcraft gamers battle their friends who could be in the next room, the next county, or the next country. The internet has not only brought about a surge in online gaming, but also a rise in people who are starting to download PC games. You can download latest PC games at all kinds of different sites.

Some of them allow you to download small games to your own computer and play them whenever you want. These games, often smaller applications like poker, pool, or puzzle games, are usually called "freeware" because they are free to copy, play, and give away. Other games called "shareware" or "demos" only offer limited versions of games. They are often used to promote full retail games which usually sell for between twenty and fifty dollars.

Downloads of these pc games are usually limited either in scope or in time. For example, in the shareware version of an adventure game your character may only be able to explore a limited portion of the game's "world."

Some other games are limited by the amount of time you can spend playing the game or how many times the application can be used. These shareware games can be helpful to gamers who are unsure of if they'll like a certain game or if it will run on their hardware.

With game demos they can try running the game on their own computer before deciding to purchase the full retail version of the game.

Most sites make downloading pc games a relatively painless process; with a few clicks you can start downloading your favorite game. The pain usually kicks in for dial-up users, as some games, especially shareware versions of large, graphics-heavy games, can weigh in at hundreds of megabytes.

This makes downloading many pc games the territory of the DSL or cable modem, which can still take a while handling the larger downloads. However, smaller games can be downloaded and enjoyed by everyone, often serving as a needed break from Minesweeper and Solitaire on your home computer. With so many different choices from games-downloading website hosts, you may never have to go back to Spider Solitaire again.

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