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Beware When Getting Desktop Animations

By Ronnie Tan -
When getting animations for your desktop, there is one thing that you have to watch out for. Although most desktop animations are safe for your computer, and will not do anything to hurt it, there are exceptions. Some desktop animations are actually Trojan Horse viruses in disguise, and once they get put on your computer, they will wreak havoc and cause chaos and destruction to your poor system. Hold on, I am not going to scare you away for your desktop decoration. However, read more for choosing the right ones.

The best thing to do is to make sure that you get your desktop animations from a respected and trusted site. Also, make sure to scan each desktop animation with a good virus check before putting it on your computer. Otherwise, you might live to regret it as all of your important files are eaten and your hard drive is trashed by a Trojan Horse desktop animation.

Personally, I think that desktop animations are the greatest invention since the animated smiley, and do quite a bit to spice up your day to day life in your office environment. Desktop animations come in all sorts of forms, and don't actually do anything. They are there just because they are so darned cute, and do a lot to spice up the appearance of your desktop.

My favorite desktop animation is this one with this cute little fuzzy sheep. It wanders onto your screen, meanders around, sleeps, yawns, eats, head butts your icons, and performs all other sorts of hilarious antics.

You can even set it so that there are multiple sheep that interact with each other, butting heads, wrestling, and doing all other manner of craziness for your entertainment. Just watch out ?you can get hooked into your desktop animations so that you will be stuck watching them for hours and not get any work done. Trust me, it has happened to me before.

The only problem with desktop animations is that they slow down your computer. Although there are many people who really need something moving around in the background to work without going crazy, if you have an old computer, or one running Windows software, you might consider using something else as a fidget.

May I suggest one of those executive desk ornaments that people are so crazy about? I have always found the clacking balls to be particularly entertaining, and not really cliche at all. Although they are not as dynamic as desktop animations, you will find that they perform the same function of providing movement to your under stimulated visual field, and therefore work just as well.

By the way, are you having fun with MSN messenger or other P2P messenger? Well, there are so called "Emoticons" package or similar for you to download and unzip to your PC folder. And I am going to tell you that most of the packages that I found on those un-reputable websites have Trojan Horse included. Beware when download software from websites.

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