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Human Resource Policy & Its Strategies

By Rock C. -
Although most companies and organizations go out of their way to establish superior Infrastructural and Computer policies, their Human Resource policies are sadly lacking. This is not due to negligence or malevolent intent. It is in fact purely due to a lack of understanding of how important a Human Resource policy is for a company with the right Human Resources management.

In order to better understand how important a Human Resource policy is for any company and how even the best of companies might suffer without a Human Resource policy, let us consider an example. Company "A" does not have a Human Resource policy. While it is a leader in its field and is able to attract the best talent due to the good salaries it offers, it is unable to retain the people for longer than a few months. As a result, most of its senior management is busy scouting for the best people from other companies.

Since they are busy compensating for the lack of a Human Resource policy, they are unable to focus on their core objectives; which is driving the strategy of the company. As a result of all this, the company is slowly losing its hold on its position.

Company "B" on the other hand is a small fish in a world of sharks. But it is an extremely agile company with all the best practices of Human Resources strategies than the bigger ones that are unable or unwilling to implement. One of its best practices involves the establishment of a comprehensive Human Resource policy. Due to the diligent implementation of this Human Resource policy the few employees who happen to join the company, remain content and stay for a long time.

This gives the company continuity in all their projects and they are able to carve a name for themselves in the field. Bigger clients are willing to sign them on and the company stands poised for greatness. Now, do you see the advantage of having a nice Human Resource policy?

Whatever your organizational expertise, whatever your industry segment, whatever your model of business; it is a well known and globally accepted fact that without a good Human Resource policy, there is precious little you can do to be successful. Why do I say this? Think about it for yourself.

What is your most valuable resource? Your Human Resource right? And when you have policies for the effective functioning of all your other resources like Infrastructure, Computers, and Electronics, why don’t you have a Human Resource policy? I mean, after all, you claim that it is your most critical resource right! Isn't it?

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