Your Bulging Disc Treatment Remedy Ebook
(May refer to Slipped Disc)

Bulging Disc Treatment Remedy

By Ng Boon Chek -
The most affordable and risk-free remedy!
While doctors would ultimately recommend a surgery after other prevailing medical Exercises/ Therapy/ Treatments have failed, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce this Bulging Disc Treatment. I came to this from a Taiwanese Physician who has healed me and my friends/relatives with this. He created this remedy based on Chinese Medical Herbs Theory.

Under so many years of tests and treatments performed on myself and my friends/relatives, I myself gives 100% of confidence to it if you're having a Bulging Disc ( May refer to Slipped Disc ) related back pain problem! Without direct consumption, surgery, acupuncture, injection or exercises.

What is the term "Bulging Disc"?
Certain constant back-pain are most likely caused by Bulging Disc. Before you know what is the term "Bulging Disc" which is commonly called and its symptoms, you may refer to some medical websites or your doctor for detailed explanations.

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The certain condition:
The disc within a certain part of spine bulged and some parts of it touches the nerves located down our spine. When it touches, the functions of the nerves will send us feeling of pains, unintentionally curving of our movements etc. The experiences might vary from beginning to serious.

I was one of those who was having Bulging Disc problems. It happens while you are doing your chores or even just caused by constant improper sitting position; but most likely, hard physical labour, especially weight-carrying with inappropriate position like bending over. People experienced this problem shouldn't be going on with heavy weight-carrying labours, the chance of a relapse is high! I had those experiences.

What are the risk and drawback for a surgery?
Well, in my case, I've heard some people have healed by surgery; yet some unfortunately has gotten paralysis after their surgery failed. That was why I didn't take up any surgery. At the most, took up painkillers to abate the great pains. I didn't really want to take that risk, although my chances of getting healed are high I thought, due to my age at that time, just 25+. It's not cheap anyway.

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Medical History:

  1. Age 16+: Having minor Bulging Disc problem which was not initially identified by professional around the age of 16, eventually healed myself with my Chinese Herbal Heat Therapy after a few weeks of usage.
  2. Age 20+: Some minor relapsed during weight carrying labour, was healed with Chinese Herbal Heat Therapy within 2-3 weeks of usage.
  3. Age 25+: Having serious Bulging Disc problem when I was doing goods delivery and was sent to eight days of hospitalization with examination via MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) at the National University Hospital locally due to the sudden of great pains. I had been confirmed to have Bulging disc after the MRI Scan; within the hospitalized period, I didn't take up any surgery except a few kinds of painkillers to temporarily abate the "incredible" pain. After being discharged from that hospital with loads of painkillers, immediately went home for my Chinese Herbal Heat Therapy. My condition was greatly reduced to a minor infection after 1 months of my treatment at home. After 3 months I was back to normal. My case was closed by my doctor after his review. I think I am not suitable to carry weights anymore, isn't it?

Friends/ Relatives experiences:
All healed!

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Symptoms in my case:
The first time I had Bulging disc was when I was 16+, it was considered nothing to me at that time, perhaps I was young enough to bear with those "slight" uncomforts; my back ache after standing for some times; one of my legs have slight numbness especially my big toe while standing, sitting even sleeping; I couldn't sleep well with some positions on bed.

Fortunately, this remedy was able to cure my worst experience! And it can cure yours too!

How to apply this treatment?
Well, sure you can use it at your home while you take a chair with you and watch the TV, nice huh?!

How long does it take to full recovery?
Well, in most cases you can feel the difference within 3 days to a week; whether it's working or not. For full recovery, it takes from two weeks to 3 months. It all depends on the conditions of the patient and the way they use this treatment. This treatment was tested and believes to be effective on Bulging Disc ( Slipped Disc ) problem.

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P. S. This Bulging Disc Treatment E-book are yours to distribute, provided all the information are intact

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