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Breast Cancer Month And The Pink Ribbon Campaign

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By J. Ng -
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), which is observed all over the world thanks to the efforts of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and the many people who work tirelessly to increase awareness and early detection. Women are encouraged to perform regular self breast examinations (SBE) every month, and have a yearly breast examination by a primary care provider or gynecologist.

Breast Cancer Month and the Pink Ribbon campaign have been extremely successful in raising awareness, and increasing support for more breast cancer research focused on prevention and a cure. Most everyone recognizes the significance of the pink ribbon; it stands for awareness of a devastating disease that does not have a cure, and the need for continued research and early detection.

It is also recommended that women over the age of forty have an annual screening to detect any changes in breast tissue, or more frequently depending on personal or family history and other risk factors. Early detection is presently the best way to fight the disease, which is why regular monthly self breast examination and mammography is so important.

Breast cancer treatments have proven to be successful, even more so if the disease is diagnosed in the early stages. Major corporate sponsors of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and other charitable organizations supporting breast cancer research, have made great contributions through the sale of Pink Ribbon merchandise and corporate advertising campaigns. These charitable donations benefit breast cancer victims, survivors, and make funds available for continued awareness efforts and research.

Many women have lost their lives due to this devastating disease, which is why present efforts must be continued to teach every woman about breast cancer and the risk factors. The next Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October, 2006; educate a friend or family member about breast cancer and early detection. You may not only save your life, but that of another.

More women than ever now get annual screening mammogram thanks to Breast Cancer Month and other awareness efforts, which have contributed immensely to greater survival rates. Mammography can detect the smallest lesion that cannot yet be palpated by touch, again demonstrating how important it is for women to have regular mammogram.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is just around the corner. Do your part by participating in annual activities such as the Susan G. Komen Run/Walk for the Cure, which raises a significant amount of money for continued breast cancer research, and promotes self breast examination and early detection.

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