Review Of Birthing Methods

Child Birthing Methods for Women during Labor

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By J. Ng -
Many hospitals offer free or very inexpensive classes on various Birthing Philosophies and Breastfeeding Techniques in related to all those Birthing methods. It is a good idea to learn all one can before the time comes, to help relax and understand what is happening to the body when labor sets in. It is also a good idea for the Birthing partner to attend these classes, so he or she can learn how to be the best support to the mother-to-be.

A woman can learn about many Birthing Philosophies. One is called Lamaze. This is a breathing technique that helps a woman focus on breathing through the pain of labor contractions, and attaining a meditative state by doing so, in order to cope with the contractions as they become intense.

It is very popular. The Birthing partner helps by being a coach during labor. This method may be used instead of pain medications, for those interested in a medicine-free Birthing, or in conjunction with any one of the available pain-reducing drugs during labor.

Another Birthing method is called the Bradley Method. This method involves using positions and relaxation techniques to help the body have productive contractions, and help the woman to cope with the pain. Relaxation is commonly understood as an effective way to manage the pain of labor. 

The Bradley method teaches ways for the Birthing partner to serve as a coach and help the woman relax through each contraction and allow it to help the labor progress. Women who wish to have a medication-free Birthing, but may also be used by women who want to get as far into labor as possible before trying any pain medication most commonly uses this method.

Besides Birthing methods, there are also professionals who are available to help women and their partners with the process of labor. These professional labor coaches are called Doula. A Doula is not a nurse or midwife, but rather a person who is trained in supporting a woman through labor, and helping her partner to support her too.

Husbands often feel helpless when their wives are in labor, as they watch her going through pain, they do not know how to help. A Doula can help support both partners by understanding the woman's experience, and knowing effective ways to help.

Women today have many options when it comes to Birthing, and have the opportunity to educate themselves in many ways so they are as prepared as possible to have a positive Birthing experience, with few complications.

A pregnant woman can prepare for going through labor in many ways. The best thing she can do for herself is to get educated on what to expect when labor starts. There are many ways a woman can learn about what to expect. There are a multitude of books and websites dedicated to pregnancy and parenting. The library, a bookstore, or search engines are all good places to start.

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