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By J. Ng -
In the new millennium, birth control options are certainly more prevalent than ever. From condoms to spermicides, to the birth control pill. We are pretty much covered when it comes to pregnancy prevention, for both female and male.

In this sexually active world we all share, good birth control is a must since many of us are not looking to produce offspring. For women, a common method of birth control is the pill. While the pill does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, it does offer close to 100% protection against pregnancy

A second birth control available for women is the female condom, which is effective, but not as commonly used as the pill. An advantage to the female condom is that it does protect against STDs.

Birth control options for males, other than a vasectomy, basically consist of the condom. The condom is certainly one of the most popular forms of birth control worldwide. Condoms are nearly 100% effective against pregnancy and STDs. Not to mention the enormous variety of condoms out there. These birth control aids come in a spectrum of colors, textures, and sizes.

Other options available for couples are the diaphragm and the IUD. The diaphragm is quite effective and is used by the woman. However, it does not offer full protection from STD's. As for an IUD, intrauterine device, these are inserted in a woman to prevent pregnancy, but not STDs. Typically this form of birth control is most effective in women who are over thirty years of age.

Finally, there are other options such as Norplant, which consists of capsules that are inserted in the woman's arm to prevent pregnancy. This method of birth control is not so widely used.

Whether you're looking for a birth control or a prevention of STD's and pregnancy, you will definitely find a vast variety of options online. The Internet is an outstanding source for doing research on birth control options and the prevention of STD's.

You must always consider what you're protecting yourself from. Pregnancy seems to be the least of our worries in this day and age. With a countless number of STD's in circulation, you must take necessary precautions before engaging in sexual activity of any kind.

Overall, the male condom is used more commonly than most forms of birth control. This is simply due to its availability, which is in any drug or grocery store for the most part, but also for its simplicity and known protection from STD's

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