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By Cessilia Carpenter -
It was my experience for unexpected parenthood. When I was 16, I became the carrier of an unwanted pregnancy. My boyfriend at the time ?my only boyfriend ever ?was anything but supportive. And read more for what I did.

He actually had the nerve to insist that it wasn't him, in spite of the fact that there was simply no one else that it could be in the whole world. I knew that I could not tell my parents for fear of losing their love and support forever, but I had no one to turn to. Fortunately, I was able eventually to find some abortion information, but it was no easy task.

I did not know about Planned Parenthood at the time, or other groups that actually gave real information about abortions. The only group that I saw which actually offered me its abortion information was called... well, I can't remember what it was called, but the name had both the words “women?and “life?in it.

I guess I should have guess that there was no way that this was a group that actually gave out authentic abortion information, but I was sixteen and naive at the time. They tried to scare me with false facts disguised as abortion information, and tried to tell me that I would regret the decision to get an abortion for the rest of my life.

Needless to say, I marched right out of there, and decided that I could find a much better source of abortion information. I have always been a woman of strong morals, and have despised people who try to manipulate you because they think that there ways of living are better than yours.

Finally, I found good abortion information from a friend at school. We lived in a very small and very rural little town, and the nearest Planned Parenthood was sixty miles away, but she was very hip and knew that this was the best place for one to get information on abortions. When we got there, they were very kind, and when I explained that I was a minor with little money, they offered me abortion information and free counseling free of charge.

They even recommended a gynecologist who could perform the operation, something very difficult for one to find in the area I grew up in. Thanks to their support and good abortion information, I was able to end this unwanted pregnancy without anyone in my family finding out, and simply go on with my life.

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