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By J. Ng -
How do you tell if you are 4 weeks or 1 month pregnant? The signs of pregnancy may not be apparent in your appearance but there are many indications that provide clues that you could be expecting. Even if you are 1 month pregnant your body tells you that there are significant changes happening. If you pay attention to your body you can find early signs of pregnancy. Read more below.

The first indication is usually a missed period. This is the classic tell-tale sign that you may be expecting. However, it is necessary to consider your cycle before buying maternity clothing. Some women are quite regular and can predict the beginning of their cycle each month. These lucky few can tell when they are 1 month pregnant because they cycle on a consistent timeframe.

This is not the norm. Many women find themselves wondering if they are in store for a visit from the stork just about every month because they never know exactly when to expect their periods. There also may be implantation spotting as well. Many women mistake this as a very brief and very light period. They think that they are having a light cycle but they are actually about 1 month pregnant.

A missed period is not always the best way to determine whether or not you should go to the baby shower gift registry or not. Pregnancy manifests itself in a number of other ways even when you are just 4 weeks or 1 month pregnant. Some are very subtle and some are quite obvious. The classic sign that a woman is expecting is morning sickness. It is important to remember that the nausea doesn't always occur in the morning, in spite of the name.

Many women have reported a sudden dislike for drinks containing a lot of caffeine or alcohol. If you find yourself feeling queasy after taking a sip of your favorite adult beverage whether a cup of coffee or a glass of wine you may want to check with your local drugstore for a pregnancy test. The aversion to adult beverages can occur when you are only 1 month pregnant, sometimes even sooner.

If you find yourself feeling faint or if you are craving sleep you could be 4 weeks or 1 month pregnant. These symptoms occur very early on in the first trimester. Many women complain about fatigue during the final three months as well. Fatigue is a subtle symptom but it is a common tell-tale sign of pregnancy.

Other signs include tender breasts and moodiness. These symptoms alone may not make you run to the pharmacy for a test but you may want to take a one if they occur together. It isn't always easy to tell when you are 1 month pregnant without a pregnancy test.

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