Small Dog Clothes And Sweaters

The Fashion Trends Of Small Dog Clothes / Sweaters

By Stephen Mike -
Small dog clothes or sweaters are one of today's hottest fashion trends among pet owners... especially young women. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are definitely driving forces behind this phenomenon, with their own signature pets and matching designer outfits.

However, the average person might be at a loss as to where to shop, when looking for outfits for the special friend in their life. Not surprisingly, today's retailers seem to be hot on the pet fashion trail with small dog clothes and fashion accessories being found in nearly every pet store and even in most department stores that carry a pet department.

My sister is constantly shopping for small dog clothes. She absolutely has to stop at every single pet store that falls in her path. Recently, she came out to visit us. We had to go grocery shopping and she agreed to come along (with Tinkerbell cleverly concealed of course!).

She has an adorable little Chihuahua named Tinkerbell, named after Paris Hilton's famous pet. Tinkerbell is tiny, affectionate and faithful, however, she is definitely like any dog we've ever encountered before. She is more similar to a very spoiled, yet fashionable child. Her wardrobe of small dog clothes is so extensive that she puts my modest collection of clothing to shame.

Thanks to my sister's keen fashion senesce, Tinkerbell is up to the minute with the latest trends and hottest fashions. She wouldn't be caught dead in last season's colors or be seen wearing an uncoordinated sweater while being transported in an un-matching carrier bag. She would simply die!!

However, we had barely made it out the door when my sister just had to make a detour - she'd spotted a new pet shop en route to the grocery store, and she was dying to take a peek to see if they had any small dog clothes or accessories, that might be unavailable in the stores closer to home.

Out of all of Tinkerbell's clothing, the one outfit I love the best is her wooly, pink parka with the faux fur trim around the hood. However, Tinkerbell has chosen a favorite doggy clothing item all her own. An ensemble that makes her absolutely wriggle with excitement - a puffy, pink ballerina tutu!!

It's absolutely ridiculous and yet, when Tinkerbell is wearing that obscenity, she poses and struts like nobody's business. She's hot stuff, cute as a button and quite simply adorable... and she knows it!

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