Choices Of Lizard Cage

Lizard Cage For Your Reptilian Friend

By Stephen Mike -
If you have decided to make a lizard a part of your family, then you will definitely need to acquire a lizard cage for the lizard to live in. It can be plain or fancy, and depending on the particular size of the lizard, can be large or small. Since you know how important it is to be comfortable in your own home, make sure that your lizard is comfortable in his also. Purchase a cage that any lizard would be proud to call home.

When deciding on a lizard cage there are three choices; you can build one, have someone else build one for you, or purchase one that is already constructed. If you do not have a lot of free time, building a one yourself is probably not a good choice, as it can be quite time consuming, and paying someone else to do it for you can be quite costly. Most people in the market for a lizard cage choose to buy one that is ready made.

It should have enough room to allow your reptilian friend to get plenty of exercise, as well as allow room for hiding places, habitat particulars such as plants and rocks, as well as a water dish. If the lizard cage is too small for your pet, the lizard will become stressed and this can result in poor health. If you are unsure about the correct size of cage, any staff member at your local pet store should be able to offer advice.

A high quality version will be constructed out of high-grade laminated materials and wood. The lizard cage should have sufficient ventilation, keyed locks, and glass sliding doors with handles will add convenience to the cage. It is also a good idea to have cord holes for accessories such as lights and heating elements.

Those constructed of wire, while used widely by some reptile owners, are not a very good choice. Lizards, especially the larger varieties, tend to rub their noses and tails against the wire when shedding, and this has been known to cause serious infections. Make sure that your lizard cage is constructed from non-abrasive materials to ensure the safety of your new friend.

Once you have a place for your lizard to live and have obtained the necessary items such as food, water dish, substrate and heating sources, you may want to decorate the lizard cage. There are numerous choices for this including artificial rocks, 3D backgrounds and natural habitat plants that can be added to the lizard cage to give it a more realistic appearance. The lizard is sure to appreciate this, and you will be the envy of all your friends whose lizard cages are just plain jane!

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