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By Stephen Mike -
I have had my Johnson pet door installed for several weeks now, and it is working perfectly. Now I do not have to rush home from work right away and I can even enjoy longer outings on the weekends. My dog seems to take pleasure in his newfound freedom as well. Overall, I am not exaggerating when I say that my Johnson pet door has been one of the smartest purchases I have ever made!

I used to work just 10 minutes away from my home. As you can imagine, this was convenient for many different reasons -- not the least of which was being able to stop by during my lunch hour in order to take my dog for a walk. This arrangement was perfect, and I never had to worry about coming home to an unpleasant "surprise" left by my pooch.

When I was transferred to a different office location, however, I had to find an alternative solution for my dog, who had become quite accustomed to his midday outing. After careful consideration, I decided to purchase a Johnson pet door.

Johnson pet doors have the best reputation in the business, so there never really was a question of getting another brand. I spent a lot of time reading unbiased consumer reviews online and saw numerous positive comments from satisfied Johnson pet door owners. The wide variety of styles and colors, the ease of installation, and the safety features were some of the key points that were praised repeatedly.

Once I decided which Johnson pet door I wanted, I went out to the store to get one. Unfortunately, I had not noticed the prices when I was reading reviews online, so I experienced a bit of sticker shock when I saw how much money I would have to shell out. Since my budget was pretty tight at the time, I had no choice but to delay my purchase.

Thereafter, I got the idea to shop for my Johnson pet door on the Internet. I did not think of this option at first because the product is so big and bulky that I figured it would be easier to just get it from the store. I checked out a few websites and saw that shipping expenses would not be as much as I feared.

In addition, the prices these websites were offering for Johnson pet doors were absolutely incredible! Even with the shipping charges, I would still be saving at least 15% off the prices I saw at local stores. Moreover, I would not have to struggle with trying to load my Johnson pet door into my Mini (My lovely car).

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