Procedures For Cleaning Cat Urine

Take Notes When Cleaning Cat Urine

By Stephen Mike -
Pets are an important part of many families. People often consider their dog or cat to be an integral part of the household. With the joy of having a pet also comes a great deal of responsibility which can include cleaning cat urine and dog urine.

There are several products available for cleaning cat urine. You can find these in your local pet supply store. They vary in price depending on the surface you are cleaning. A product to clean a leather sofa will generally be more expensive than a solution geared towards cleaning carpets.

Most cats don’t need to be litter trained. Kittens have a natural instinct to use the litter box when they are small. You simply need to show them where it is and they’ll make use of it. It’s best to place it in an area that it can stay in. Moving the litter box from room to room can be very confusing for the animal.

Accidents do happen and when they do it’s important to be thorough when you are cleaning cat urine. Cat urine has a particularly strong unpleasant odor and if it’s not cleaned effectively the cat can keep returning to the spot and urinate there in the future.

When you are purchasing a product for cleaning cat urine take note of the list of ingredients. If the product contains ammonia it’s not advisable to use it. The reason is that cat urine smells very similar to ammonia. After cleaning cat urine with ammonia or a solution containing ammonia you may still have a problem with the cat returning to the area to urinate again.

If you are cleaning cat urine out of a carpet, it’s not a good idea to rub the area with the cleaning solution. This actually works to push the urine farther into the carpeting fibers. Instead of rubbing it’s a good idea to first take some paper towel and blot the area until the majority of the moisture has been removed.

If you find yourself cleaning cat urine on a regular basis the problem may lie in how clean you are keeping the litter box. Cats are very clean animals. They don’t like relieving themselves in a litter box that is dirty. Therefore it’s very important cleaning cat urine out of the litter box as well. After the cat has used the litter box, the litter forms into a clump which you can then easily remove with the scoop.

Cleaning cat urine out of the litter box at least once a day will help the cat feel comfortable using it. Taking care of this is a very good way to ensure that the cat won’t be as inclined to urinate on the floors or carpeting.

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