About Your 1 Month Baby

1 Month Baby Girl Announcements

By Cessilia Carpenter -
More than ever, the 1 month baby needs tender loving care. Needless to say, you should have prepared little personalized baby items before she is born. Even as she learns to suckle on a teat to extract the nourishing milk, she realizes that the sucking action is the most soothing one. And she will continue to suck at anything and everything that comes within the grasp of his toothless gums. Sucking not only strengthens the muscles around his mouth, but also prepares his Jawbones and other muscles that she will use gradually later in life.

She was your bundle of joy when she was first born. And now, a month down the line, she is a gurgling, fascinating 1 month baby. While the pride and joy continues to remain, there are also a number of other things that you need to know regarding your 1 month baby now. When your baby was born, she was very fragile. Have you tried to put her on a baby scale before? Those baby scales are specially made to measure her tiny weights.

Having been forced out of a safe and secure Womb, She was thrust into a world that she was ill prepared to handle. In short, she was probably terrified about being out in the open. And as such, she tackled it in the only way she knew - by gathering himself in the fetal position and shutting the world out.

But as a 1 month baby, your baby is better prepared to handle the world. She has been breathing in lung full of fresh, clear oxygen for a month now and is beginning to get used to the sights, smells and sounds that constitute the world. The 1 month baby is slowly but steadily waking up to the fact that She has an entire world around her that she is but a small, yet important part of you. And She expresses this knowledge in several ways.

First and foremost, there is a glint in the eyes of the 1 month baby when She looks at the parents, familiar strangers and other people who surround him through the day and notice and observe his every action. She is slowly but steadily beginning to recognize these people who surround him. And this recognition begins to manifest itself as smiles and even frowns.

The other thing that the 1 month baby discovers for himself is that she has some thing known as Appendages. When she was born, she had no idea that there were Limbs linked to his body that could move on their own. But the gradual process of familiarization with the world enables him to first and foremost, recognize the fact that She has Limbs and next, to move them around and to use them to explore the limitations of his world. New baby gift baskets are coming their ways.

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