1 800 Contacts For Your Eye Sights

Glasses Or 1 800 Contacts?

By Bobby K. -
Until you have heard Focus Dailies, Johnson and Johnson contact lenses, you wouldn't have thought that contact lenses are so common and high tech now, not like before. Some can even give out eye-smoothing moisturizer when you blink your eyes. I really recommend you give it a try on those contacts as if you can know the right ways to wear and take care of them, nothing bad should happen.

Glasses are a strange thing. There is so much lore about them. The same glasses that make one guy look like a complete nerd, might make a buddy holly famous. Some people love their glasses especially with those color changing glass, but I hated mine when I was growing up.

People would call me the usual: four eyes, as if that were original. My parents wouldn't buy me contacts. My dad thought that lenses were good enough for him, that they'd be good enough for me too. You can bet all that changed when I got to college.

I ordered myself contact lenses from a place called 1 800 contacts on the internet. It was pretty nice and easy, and since I knew my prescription, it was cheaper than going to the store for them. I noticed an immediate difference in how people treated me after that when I wore them.

When I wore glasses, it was strange, people would sometimes assume I was very bright with my big owl eyes, and would always be likely to ask me questions about math or physics, or even current events in the newspaper, but after I started wearing my 1 800 contacts lenses, people didn't make as many preconceptions. I felt wonderful and free to be who I wanted to be.

I was glad that I ordered my contacts from 1 800 contacts, except that sometimes they would burn my eyes. This is one of the most common side effects of contacts ?eye irritation. If you wash them sufficiently, and frequently, it should not be too much of a problem, though.

Another thing is that you have to remember to take them out every night, and to change them frequently. And then there's the feeling of having contacts floating around on your eyeball. It is weird. That is the only way I can describe it. Weird.

It is funny how much different I look with my contacts than with my glasses. A few times I have met people who I used to spend time with, and they didn't even recognize me. Some times I'll even be introduced to old friends as my own cousin as a joke, and once that even worked.

It is also nice to have contacts because you can see better than with glasses. This may sound strange, but glasses do not give you the full range of vision like contacts do. With contacts your entire peripheral vision is in focus.

The only thing that you have to watch out for is sensitivity. Some people can not wear contacts, and so if they called 1 800 contacts and ordered a who bunch of them like I did, they would waste their money on something they could not even use. I'm glad I was lucky enough not to have that problem.

Tips for saving money with One-Day Contacts Lenses: While those used contacts are supposed to be thrown away daily, you can buy a big bottle of lense storage solution to store your lenses for another day use, with just a dollar or two. But remember, you must take a good hygiene measurement if you want to do so.

For me, I would wash my hands and fingers thoroughly with soap and wipe dry before I put them in or take them out from my eyes. The solution within the lense case must be changed every time you take out those lenses. I found out that those lenses are able to stand for quite a long time until you see a little broken edge on the len since that lenses are designed to dissolve when dried up for greener environment with lesser pollution. When in any doubts, please contact your optician or doctor.

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