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By Celine Liebner -
Information on Schizophrenia presents the classic signs and symptoms of this debilitating mental illness, which is not meant to diagnose, but to provide the inquirer helpful information.

These symptoms vary in degree depending from individual to individual, the most commonly is, being hearing voices that no others hears; believing that other people can read your mind; or with imagination that others are trying to harm you or control you in some ways. Most information on Schizophrenia available online discusses these pertinent facts, as well as types of medications and other treatments that have proven to be effective.

Demonstration of extreme paranoia is a benchmark symptom according to various sources of information on Schizophrenia. Sufferers often become very debilitated by their illness and start to withdraw in fear. Others notice too that the Schizophrenic's behaviors and thought are disorganized and random, making it uncomfortable and fearful for some one to interact and offer help.

It can be quite disturbing when this person whom you have loved and known becomes as a totally different person, begins experiencing acute symptoms of Psychosis. Various sources of information on Schizophrenia are indispensable for people seeking answers to their concerns, and shed some light on this chronic mental illness.

Of course, not everyone wants to attain information on Schizophrenia, and what the patient is going through. There has always been a social stigma attached to all mental illnesses, and those that suffer from these chronic diseases are often shunned by society in general because they are not "normal" in their eyes.

Some probably think that Schizophrenia is able to go away without medications and treatment, much like depression and anxiety disorders. There is a significant chemical imbalance occurring in these individuals' brains and they can no more control that, than we can change what occurs because of happenstance.

Every case is different, and each individual responds to therapy in different ways. Information on Schizophrenia shows that a medication that is effective for one may not be necessarily for another, as well other types of treatment. Only one in five individuals suffering from chronic Schizophrenia recovers enough to function somewhat normally. They will always require medications and dose adjustments throughout their lives to control their disease.

More information on Schizophrenia is available from Mental Health Counseling Centers, Acute Inpatient Facilities, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers, and others who have direct contact with this population. Hopes are not lost to these individuals; new medications are being developed all the time and are proving to be effective when combined with other medications and therapies. 

In the event you would need information on Schizophrenia, there is a multitude of sources available online. Schizophrenia is a disorder of the brain that occurs in both men and women. Various sources of online information on Schizophrenia, states that the age at which it afflicts each gender is different; men usually first started exhibiting symptoms during their teens or early Twenties, women experience symptoms starting in their late Twenties or early Thirties.

According to, approximately two million people in the United States suffer from this severely Chronic disorder; 1% of the population will develop Schizophrenia during their lifetime.

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