Treat Baldness With Professional Hair Care Products

Treatment For Baldness With Professional Hair Care Products

By MC. K -
Why am I’ve always been a pragmatic sort of chap? Lucks seems to not be with me, I mean when I was younger, I had severe asthma. I couldn't run around or even play around like the other kids. But it didn’t bother me much. I amused myself by becoming an introvert and by reading books. Read for my story of baldness that later strikes me.

Of course it meant that I didn’t have many friends, but then hey! I built up knowledge while managing to stay positive. In my teens, I was known as pimple king. With a hideous visage, filled with acne, black heads and white heads of all sizes and shapes, people (not just girls!) avoided me like the plague.

Although I tried all sorts of cures, nothing really worked. So I bided my time and tried to be as normal as possible till my acne went right away. But it was in my twenties that I ran into the problem that almost destroyed my life. When the first sign of baldness came about, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean, nobody in my family was bald, and no matter how many other problems I had; baldness was nowhere even on the horizon of my hypochondria.

So to wake up one day and realize that when I wasn’t looking, my hairline had receded by a bit, and that baldness was imminent, was not a pleasant thought. And it was no use knowing that if there was any human condition that I was absolutely mortified of, it was baldness. Having resolved to hide the ugly truth from all my friends, I went to university, the coffee shop, the internet center and even the gym with a perky cap covering my head. Most of my friends were initially curious.

Soon they became perturbed by my bizarre behavior. And when they ganged up to confront me I shamefacedly told them the truth about my baldness. Their first reaction was one of mirth. But soon, they had calmed down sufficiently to try and help me out of my misery.

Some of my older and wiser friends shared their own experiences with baldness. One of them in fact took the trouble to take me through all the baldness cures he had personally tried and why each of them didn’t work. Another friend told me in no uncertain terms that if baldness had decided to set in, there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I just had to grin and live with baldness for the rest of my life. But overall, I was able to get some information about baldness, how to deal with it and what baldness remedies I might try out to get the best results.

For instance, I found that Minoxidil, a solution that was to be applied to bald spots was the solution most preferred by balding adults. Nearly two out of three people who had used this baldness treatment, had seen positive results. The other treatment was Finasteride ?an oral baldness treatment that I could try. Finasteride seemed to enjoy a higher success rate among people with baldness.

But it was not as popular as Minoxidil as it was reputed to cause some side effects which affected sexual performance. Tough choice eh? Lose your hair or lose your drive.

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