Our Wedding Present Ideas

Wedding Present Made With Our Own Ideas

By Jones -
If you have no idea what to give, read through my story and hope you can have some ideas for your Wedding present or gifts. Friends of ours got married in mid-October and we made every effort to make it to their wedding. We live out-of-province, so the trip would be quite lengthy. We thought about driving but opted to fly, figuring that the cost would be more practical, then the time off work and utter exhaustion involved in driving the 2200 kilometers to get there.

Unexpectedly, I ended up in the hospital, just the days before the wedding. We were already in a panic about what to buy for a wedding present, and now I was completely out of commission. My sis would now be responsible for choosing an appropriate gift on her own. After much discussion, we determined that she would still attend the wedding despite my hospitalization, since our friend's wedding simply could not be missed.

The bride spoke with my sis two days before the wedding. She graciously assured her that she was under no obligation to attend -- that they would completely understand if she could not make it. She told her that if she did end up coming, that no wedding present was expected -- that her presence, and the cost involved in getting there, would be more than enough of a gift. Still, we felt moved to find a perfect wedding present.

At the last minute, after long debate, we decided to give them a belated wedding present once I had fully recovered. My sis attended the beautiful wedding and had a wonderful time and I was released from the hospital a few weeks later.

Now, it has been just over two months since the wedding, and as these things tend to go (at least in our household), we still have not sent a wedding present. We both feel terrible, and the pressure and guilt are just making our lack of ideas worse!

Just this week, we finally struck upon two potential ideas for the perfect wedding present. The work and care required for these ideas to work will hopefully help to account for the amount of time it has taken us to send them.

The first idea involves taking a thick, length of copper wiring and untwisting several of the cables at one end. I saw my father did this when I was a child. Then each thinner, section of wire is partially untwisted and formed into branches and twigs, with the remaining untwisted wire, serving as the truck of a beautiful copper tree.

This tree would be planted in a Terra Cotta Pot and secured in place with the sort of foam used in Silk Flower arranging. Delicate leaves would be cut out from thin, copper plating, and using a torch, would be attached to the branches.

The second idea for a wedding present, is to create a fairy tale of our friends lives so far and on into the future. My sis is a very experienced Graphic Designer and Writer. She has some solid ideas for the story line and a folder of beautiful Artwork that she would then layout and has bound in an aged leather binding, complete with gold leaf embossing on the cover.

We love both ideas and hope to make some progress very soon. Thankfully, our friends are very understanding and they value our friendship more than any wedding present we could dream of giving them. Read also Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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