Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Couples In A Glance

By Jones -
Finding just the right wedding anniversary gifts or presents can be difficult sometimes. In fact, remembering that special couple on their special day has been a tradition for centuries. In fact, a long time ago, it was decided that certain gifts should be given as wedding anniversary gifts depending on the length of time a couple had been married for example, "Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts".

For example, a gift made of paper should be given for the 1st anniversary. In modern times, this has been changed to giving the celebrants clocks as wedding anniversary gifts. For the traditional 4th wedding anniversary gifts of something made of linen or silk, now we give appliances as gifts. I guess somebody figure out that after four years, that micro-wave oven given as a wedding gift would need replacing.

Traditional gift giving for the 7th year is something made of wool or even copper. For the 21st century, you should give the happy couple desk sets as their wedding anniversary gifts. Other traditional anniversary gifts include Ivory for the 14th year, now replaced by gold jewelry, and wrist watches instead of crystal for the 15th year of marriage.

However, if you want to ignore the customs and find something different for your modern wedding anniversary gifts, there are many companies that specialize in these kinds of gifts. For example, some travel agencies are unique in that they arrange trips for couples as either wedding or wedding anniversary gifts. If you give this as a gift, you can be guaranteed that the couple will be treated like royalty to celebrant their special occasion.

Treating your special couple to a fancy night on the town always makes a great gift. However, think about something different. Everyone knows one of those restaurants where you need to make reservations months in advance to get a table. By doing that, you have told the anniversary couple that they have been in your thoughts for some time.

Personalized wedding anniversary gifts are sometimes the best. It does not take a great amount of time and effort to purchase bath towels or bathrobes with names embroidered on them. And all of these anniversary gifts are available through the click of your mouse.

However, personalized gifts do not have to mean matching house slippers. How would they feel if you had poetry written especially for them or an artist their picture as a gifts?

There is an almost unlimited variation of wedding anniversary gifts if you search a little bit and use your imagination. If you have just attended your friend's wedding, perhaps the next thing you should think about are gifts for newborn babies.

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