What's The Perfect Birthday Present For Dad

A Perfect Birthday Present For Dad

By Jones -
Finding a perfect birthday present for Dad can be a tough prospect, especially if Dad is the sort of guy who tends to buy himself basically whatever his heart desires. Well, you might be able to determine your present for dad from this article.

Dad is quite a bit tougher to shop for than Mom, since birthday presents for Mom can often be something sentimental and they’ll get you by, whereas birthday presents for Dad usually won’t get a lot of recognition or praise for being “cutsie.? This is too bad, since cutsie items are usually pretty easy to come by if you go to the right places.

So where are the right places to get a birthday present for Dad? Sears or Menards are usually pretty good bets. Tools are pretty standard birthday presents for the men in lots of families, but if you decide to go the tool route don’t grab the first hammer you see and assume that it’ll be a perfect birthday present for Dad.

Walk out to his shop and take a look around. What sorts of tools does he have already? Does he have a lot of big power tools, or mainly smaller hand tools? Does he have small sets of anything like wrenches or drill bits? If you want to be a particularly good present-buyer, take notes on what your Dad has in his shop.

Then go to a friendly employee at Sears or a similar retailer and get some advice on what Dad has and what he needs. Most likely the flashiest new gadget won’t be too much help to him, but a full set of sharp drill bits or a table saw could last him for years and years.

If Dad isn’t much of a tool guy or if he has all of the tools he’ll ever need, there are a few other standard present-buying routes to take. One of the best birthday present for Dad is a present which pampers him. Though he probably doesn’t like to admit it, Dad likes to be pampered, though probably not in the same way that Mom likes to be pampered. If he’s anything like my dad, he probably won’t appreciate a full body treatment at a day spa very much.

However, a wide selection of imported beers if he’s a beer guy or a wine cooler if he’s a wine guy will most likely go over very well. Spirits can also win Dad over, especially if they’re a little tougher to find like Jack Daniels Single Barrel or some of the rarer scotches. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll even share.

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