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Baby Bracelet For Your Little Things

By TK Beng -
The gift of the baby bracelet inspired me to look into buying other jewelry for my one-year-old daughter, but nothing really stands out like the baby bracelet. I am considering buying a necklace for her if I can find one that matches her baby bracelet, but I really think that I would only have her wear the necklace briefly, maybe for a photograph.

I definitely did not want to have my daughter’s ears pierced. I think that she will have plenty of time to decide if she wants pierced ears or not. After all, babies have enough encounters with needles in their first year through all of the vaccines that are administered. A baby bracelet is great charm that requires no needles and has no risk of infection.

I have come across baby bracelets that are personalized and I am very tempted to buy one for our daughter. There are baby bracelets that can be used for identification. The baby’s name is engraved on the face of the baby bracelet and her personal information, including her address and phone number is engraved on the back. It may come in handy if she is ever lost.

I know that among the jewelry available for the very young, I do favor the baby bracelet. The little piece of jewelry is an attractive addition to a child’s outfit without the worry and concern that accompanies more adult jewelry like rings and necklaces. I think that I will include a bracelet in my daughter’s Easter Basket this year. The baby bracelet may make for a great new family tradition.

We just recently celebrated our daughter’s first birthday. We had many friends and relatives in our home to celebrate our daughter’s special day. Many of them brought traditional gifts like stuffed animals and clothes but we did get a couple unique baby gifts that we will cherish for years to come, specifically a baby bracelet.

My sister-in-law had the presence of mind to select the perfect baby bracelet for our daughter. It is a simple baby bracelet that is very sturdy and attractive. The baby bracelet is made of sterling silver beads alternated with an occasional garnet stone. The baby bracelet carries the beautiful garnet stones because it is our daughter’s birthstone.

The birthstone baby bracelet is a wonderful gift and it is very attractive on our daughter’s wrist. I never even thought about jewelry for a toddler, but the baby bracelet is just lovely and it is very safe because of its flawless construction. My only concern is that she may lose it, but I make sure to keep close watch when she is wearing her little piece of jewelry. 

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