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By Jones -
Collectible Adora dolls are high-quality, remarkably realistic baby dolls. These realistic little souls dolls were initially created in the year 2000 by the Adora Doll Company. Perhaps, your ultimate dream dolls comes from the dollhouse of this company.

The crafter who make the dolls are very detail-oriented. The dolls look real. They feel real and they even have a realistic baby scent. The 2000 collection hit the market under the “Name Your Own Baby�campaign. Collectors loved the concept and the dolls have been a staple for avid doll collectors ever since.

The Adora baby dolls are made from vinyl and they are crafted by professional artists. In 2002, artist Beverly Stoher joined the doll company’s team, creating even more uniquely realistic dolls. Also, in 2002, the company added Limited Edition Adora dolls.

The Limited Edition dolls are highly sought after by collectors and they continue to rise in value. The dolls began to vary in 2002. More sizes and faces were available than ever before, making the Adora doll an extremely popular collector’s item.

In 2003 the doll company began introducing even more detail, including ethnicity. The new ethnically diverse dolls were a huge success for the Adora Doll Company and the business earned several awards in 2003. Buyers flocked to collect the magnificent, realistic Adora dolls and the company became a powerhouse in the doll community. The doll company also maintained reasonable prices. The unique baby dolls offered excellent quality, value and affordability.

More Limited Edition Adora dolls were introduced in the 2004 collection. The designers offered six new baby faces to grace the dolls and the company added a new, twenty-five inch toddler doll to the twenty-two inch toddler baby doll collection. These larger dolls were quite popular in 2004 and they continue to be today.

People interested adding an Adora doll to their doll collection can shop through the company’s website. There, the customer creates a doll that is unique. The first step is to find a face. There is a vast selection of skin tones and complexions and the artists have creates many cute expressions.

Once you have decided on a face for your doll, you can select a size; you can choose eye color and hair color to your taste and create a one-of-a-kind baby doll. You also have a large selection of outfits to consider as well.

Each Adora doll is unique and each baby doll has a “Birth Certificate�that you help to create. The customized certificate includes the baby doll’s name. Many people choose to name their dolls after someone they know.

Others choose a favorite name that belongs to their Adora baby doll alone. With unmatched craftsmanship, value and charm, the Adora Doll Company is sure to continue to please baby doll collectors for years to come.

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