Take A Ride On 4 Wheelers

How I Played With 4 Wheelers

By Jones -
Brands such as Yamaha and Honda typically have a great variety to choose from. The great thing about ATVs such as 4 wheelers is their versatility. You can ride these handy little vehicles in the rain, sleet, and snow. They get around in all bouts of weather, and are perfect for outdoor chores, or just plain and simple joy riding. Check out the newest 4 wheelers online today.

Yes, I did say the corn field. We lived in Iowa, and the fields had already been combined, therefore plenty of space was just waiting to be treaded on. I rode this 3 wheeler all over God's green earth. I even took it up through the woods. However, this is where I ran into a slight problem. When I was plowing down a hill at about 35 miles per hour, I hit a rather large rock.

This in turn shifted my steering and flipped the 3 wheeler. I wasn't hurt, luckily. The ATV just kind of hurled over top of me. Now, the problem was in the single wheel. This is what makes 3 wheelers dangerous, and 4 wheelers a heck of a lot better.

You see, with the standard 4 wheels, you don't deal with all this imbalance. Needless to say, we later got rid of the hazardous 3 wheeler and purchased a 4 wheeler. It was smooth sailing from then on out. Or I guess I should say, riding. If you are browsing for 4 wheelers, you may want to check online for a vast selection.

I remember back when I was a kid. Well, not exactly a small child, but around 14. My father had just purchased a used 3 wheeler. I was stoked when I saw this thing. He completely dismembered the engine, cleaned it up, reassembled it perfectly, and this baby was ready to roar. After a bright red paint job, I wanted to take this new ATV out in the cornfield for a test spin.

ATVs aren't exactly like they were back when we were kids. We're talking a whole new ball game of fun and excitement. Choose from a variety of sizes and motor specifications to suit any activity you enjoy. Don't get left in the dust; take a test ride on one of the new 4 wheelers today.

Have you ever taken a spin on an ATV? These turbo charged 4 wheelers will get your blood pumping and juices flowing. They're perfect for teens and adults alike. Are you up to date on the latest models of 4 wheelers? Maybe it's time you hopped online or headed down to your local Yamaha dealer for a closer look.

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