One of Singapore Haunted Ghost Story

Haunted Ghost Story - A Ghost Maisonette

By Marcus Loh M.K -
Do you want to know how I met ghosts? Well, I still remember when my office phone rang, my wife was on the line saying that she spotted a Maisonette (with ghosts) in The Straits Times News and the price was attractive! After arranged a viewing with the agent and bought it on the spot!

History for meeting with ghosts that I'm going to mention so that if you came across similar case do consider carefully. While viewing the Maisonette, found out that it was renovated extensively and were told that the owner only stayed for a short while and moved out.

I came to know from neighbours later and that more 10 families had came & moved but they didn't tell me it was because of haunted ghost.

Ok! Now I will listed all the ghost incidences happened during two and the half years there.

1)As you know, Maisonette go two levels, all the rooms are upstairs. As I was watching TV in the hall, I used to see several times a black shadow darting at the stairs. Well, I haven't bring up the thoughts of ghost at that time.

2)I met ghost was after watching TV alone one night. I think it was about 2.00am and I was walking past the stairs to go upstairs to sleep, I heard a voice (very clear) calling me "Papa"! Once and instantly I turn my head to the left where the voice came from. My whole body went cold when there was nothing there at all! My wife Susan and only daughter were sleeping soundly upstairs.

3)It was in the afternoon, Susan was washing her hair in the toilet upstairs. As she was sitting on the stool bending forward holding the shower above her head washing her hair. Suddenly, she felt that someone gave her a hard push above her head, unable to see that time coz her eyes was covered with shampoo. Then immediately, she opened her eyes and call out to my daughter. She found that my daughter was indeed downstairs playing in the hall all the time. Ahh! Ghost again!

4) It was when a new neighbour moved in next door and when they came over to get to know us. We told them that we only got a daughter but they insisted that they saw themselves, my daughter was in the hall watching TV and there was a boy (a ghost) at the staircase playing and he was about 5 year old!! Both husband & wife saw that!

5)One evening at about 10.00pm. I was having a bath upstairs then when I turned to face the wall behind me, I got a shocked!! There was a transparent figure like a human moved from one wall to another! It was shaking like a leave and naturally used the hot shower spray and spray to that direction. Nothing happen at all so I quickly rushed out avoiding that haunted ghost.

6)This last one is the final straw we able to take before we moved out to our private apartment, which happened the tenancy just expired. I forgot to mention that all this time during the night when we are sleeping in our master bedroom, locked! Always heard noises like someone (at this time, definitely a ghost) twisting our room handle and trying to open the door. I did checked many times to no avail.

Another evening after watching TV, we all went upstairs to sleep. As we entered our master-room, I wanted to switch on the TV in the room to continue watching the program. Shocked again! There was a pair of deep-lighted shinning blue haunted ghost eyes on the TV screen. The TV was not even switched on!! Just to make sure it's not a fault, I even pull out the plug from the socket!! That pair of haunted ghost eyes was still there!

All of us rush to the second guestroom and locked ourselves inside afraid that the ghost eyes will catch up with us. Both my wife and daughter are crying like shit. I was also shivering but had to put up a brave front. While they fallen asleep later, I stayed up till morning. Guess what?! We moved that morning!!

This is a true haunted ghost story witness by three of us!

Take care when hunting for a home; avoid meeting up with ghost

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