What Is Bird Of Paradise Flower?

Information Of The "Bird Of Paradise Flower"

By Jones -
The Bird Of Paradise Flower is definitely a tropical plant. It requires protection from the elements if the temperature falls below thirty degrees Fahrenheit. This beautiful plant does succeed quite well in Greenhouses but it really requires tropical temperatures to reach its full potential in natural conditions.

The blossoms emerge in succession over the course of time. In warmer climates, the Bird Of Paradise Flower blooms in the Winter and Spring. This plant is often grown in Greenhouses in colder regions. Greenhouse-grown plants can produce blossoms all year long in the right conditions.

Feeding the Bird Of Paradise Flower is not the easy task. The plant requires quite a bit of attention and care. It should be fertilized with a quality liquid plant food. In addition to the liquid food, the Bird Of Paradise Flower also needs several applications of blood meal and bone meal during the summer months.

This plant is also sensitive to water. Watering the Bird Of Paradise Flower too much will make the plant ill. The best watering procedure for the plant is to allow its roots to dry out a little bit between the watering cycles.

The Bird Of Paradise Flower does respond very well to pruning and it is a very malleable organism. This beautiful blossom does require a lot of patience especially if you are growing it from the beginning of seeding. It might take around 3 years for the Bird Of Paradise Flower to reach its full potential. Some would suggest it takes 5 to 7 years.

The Bird Of Paradise Flower is a magnificent plant. This blossom has long-stemmed flowers that emerge out of unusually shaped green leaves. The green leaves resemble boats in a way and the Bird Of Paradise Flower looks like a real bird jutting out of the boat. This beautiful plant is truly unique.

The boat-leaves are bordered in a red or purple color that provides a striking contrast to the rich green hue. The Bird Of Paradise Flower boasts many pointed petals that glow a brilliant orange color. Within the center of the orange flower is an Arrow-shaped spike that contrasts the orange hue with a striking blue tone.

The Bird Of Paradise Flower has several sets of blossoms similar to that, making the plant a true wonder to your eyes. The plant grows to a magnificent five-foot in height and it can spread as wide as three foot in diameter. One Bird Of Paradise Flower plant produces many blossoms annually.

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