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What Satellite TV Can Offer You?

By Ronnie Tan -
Satellite TV providers often entice new subscribers with offers of free equipment, free trial period, or free movie packages for a specified length of time. Satellite TV receivers now include DVR Technology, or digital video recorder, so that you can record any program at any time without the hassles of tradition video recording.

With this technology, you can tape or record over a hundred hours of programs, save what you want, and delete what you don't want. It’s great! You can even record on one channel while watching something else on another channel, or a DVD if you'd like.

Satellite TV is very inexpensive and subscriptions start under $20 per month approximately. Cable companies usually charge much more, and the selection of channels is usually not as good either. Satellite TV has been around for quite some time, but is now more accessible than ever. Gone are the days of huge dishes taking up half of the backyard, and having to buy a de scrambler so that you could watch anything. Now satellite dishes are very small and mount to your roof or side of the house.

There are various providers (Direct TV and Dish Satellite two of the most popular), just as cable television, and you can choose from a variety of packages so you can get the channels you want. Of course, we are so spoiled now with all the channels that we will continue to surf and still find nothing to watch. Just think of when we were kids, and had only three channels, NBC, ABC, CBS, and maybe PBS if we could get it in. Our kids have no idea how good they have it!

Satellite TV has an abundance of programming options available to fit your personal choices and tastes. Latin channels are also available for those that choose to watch in Spanish, and some movie channels broadcast in Spanish also. Satellite TV providers offer local programming, music channels such as Sirius satellite radio, CD music channels, and movie channels.

Showtime with: HBO, Cinemax, Movie Channel, Starz, Encore, Sundance, Sci-fi and Beyond; More with Flix, Action, Drama, Wam, Love, Mystery, the Independent Film Channel and more! You’re just spoiled if you can’t find something to watch! See what you’re missing now!

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