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Electric Scooter That Goes Quietly

By Ronnie Tan -
Tired of all those gases? Save fuels with an alternative transportation. An electric scooter or e-scooter has to come under the heading "What will they think of Next?" Kids have been playing with scooters since who knows when. You know, the old fashioned kind where you use one foot to get going real fast and then hit a bump and fall down. We all did that as a kid I suppose.

However, this is the 21st century and times have changed. Now your ordinary looking scooter is jet propelled! Well, not really but it does have a battery powered electric motor to get you moving along more easily.

A battery positioned under the standing board provides the power to an electric motor driving the rear wheel. Plug it in, charge it up and you are ready to go. People who use them describe it as skiing on the sidewalk. Like your family car, there are the low cost models and the top of the line versions of the electric scooter.

Normally, top speed for the electric scooter is below 10 miles per hour. However, of course, for the serious scooter enthusiasts, you can find one with a top speed of over 30 MPH. Now that is moving. The range of your electric scooter battery can go from a few trips to the nearby supermarket to over 20 miles.

There are some real advantages to owning an electric scooter. Most fold up and are relatively easy to carry around, weighing about 30 Lbs. Now that is not something you want to haul around all day, but it is about the same as your average filled suitcase.

Think of it this way. Fold it up and carry it on a bus to your favorite park. Then you are already to go scooting. There is no pollution and no noise. It is a lot smaller than a normal bicycle for tooling around the campus and a lot easier to store. Again fold it up, and carry it to class knowing it will still be there when you are ready to travel.

Like most other products for discriminating consumers, you can flash you e-scooter up, literally. Headlights, turn signals, horns, and other warning devices are all available for your new electric scooter. How about a multi-colored LED battery monitor to let you know how much 'fuel' is left in the tank?

And of course, you cannot be without a speedometer. Or a carrying rack for that lunch basket you are taking to the park. Mud guards, super stopping brakes, and battery coolers are on the list. Eventually, there will probably be snow tires for your electric scooter.

An electric scooter may not replace your car, but for a fun and different way of getting around your local community, the e-scooter is definitely the way to go.

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