Main Use Of 3M Electrical Tape

What Does 3M Electrical Tape Use For?

By Ronnie Tan -
Electrical tape is a versatile adhesive tape used to insulate wires or anything that conducts electricity. Because of their ability to resist elements, heat, and UV, they are also often used in many different alternative applications, such as securing lighting cables, copper or sterling silver wire and piping, and are found on work benches and in tool boxes especially when designing electrical systems in buildings.

Most electrical tapes are made out of various plastics, vinyl being the most commonly used kind. It was the company 3M that first invented the vinyl electrical tape, and they remain the leaders of the market.

3M electrical tapes are the standard in the industry, and they come in a variety of types. Their most popular version is the 3M 1710 Tartan electrical tape. It is the variety of tape most people immediately think of upon the mentioning of electrical tape. It is cheap, durable, flame retardant, resists UV damage, acids, alkalis, and moisture, and is easily the most commonly used electrical tape by electricians around the world.

Another popular 3M electrical tape is their Scotch Vinyl 35 electrical color coding tape. It has the same qualities of the 1710 Tartan, yet comes in 9 different color variations. The color coding is often used by electricians to code for the different functions of the wires they are taping.

The Scotch Super 33 Plus is a 3M electrical tape known for its extremely elastic nature and its ability to conform to any surface. It is used with PVC, and can insulate wires that conduct up to 600 volts. Like other 3M tapes, it is also very durable and damage resistant.

Finally, 3M also makes an electrical tape designed for sealing moisture away from electrical connections. The 3M Electrical Moisture sealant is a heavy duty 3M electrical tape, 45 millimeters thick, and is also made with a PVC backing to help it resist higher voltages (up to 600) and heat.

Since there is wiring involved in so many of our tools and appliances today, electrical tapes are widely used and essential commodities for anyone doing any kind of electrical work. Electrical tapes are available in most hardware stores, and whether you are a professional electrician or not, it is a good idea to have some around in your home. As the inventors of the vinyl electrical tape, the 3M electrical tapes are definitely considered to be amongst the finest to have.

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