Wheatgrass Supplements And Its Effects

The Use Of Wheatgrass And Its Supplements

By Boon Huang -
What's the use of Wheatgrasses? Just for the animals? Well, They actually could be consumed. Animals are very smart and sometimes people could learn a thing or two from them. Most probably we knew Wheatgrass from them; I passed a number of cows that reside on my neighbour's farm. They were happily eating grass and enjoying the onset of spring. I also noticed a couple of dogs and cats munching on grass as well. People may turn their noses up but the animals partake.

These animals have got the right idea. Right now there is a surge in the popularity of wheatgrass. People are taking the lead of the animals and are hopping on the wheatgrass bandwagon. However, we are not eating it outright with our faces down in the dirt.

We are using juicers to create interesting concoctions that contain the valuable wheatgrass. Some of the younger generation is taking shots in a shot glass no less, of the wheatgrass. This is a great replacement for alcohol. Many morning stragglers go to local juicer joints to order wheatgrass shots.

Some of the popular combinations contain wheatgrass, ginger and garlic. This combination is wonderful for the body but bad for the breath. A great way to take the sting out of the wheatgrass shot is to chase it with a nice glass of freshly juiced carrots or apples. Celery is a natural breath-freshener that can work against the adverse effects of the wheatgrass shots.

Just a couple of years ago, the same trendy places that serve the wheatgrass shots used to serve espresso and cappuccino. Just like its rivals, wheatgrass has a reputation for giving takers a surge of energy upon consumption. However, espresso and cappuccino also have a reputation for filling bodies with caffeine.

Also, people do not claim that espresso or cappuccino give them relief from their ailments. Some claim that the wheatgrass elevates the symptoms associated with chronic liver disease. Others claim that the wheatgrass provides antioxidants that it helps to support the immune system and even lower cholesterol.

However, it is important to take note that wheatgrass is a supplement. It is not considered a food or a drug and it does not need to be pasteurized or go through any of the rigors dictated by the food and drug administration. The benefits of wheatgrass have not been established. However, excess consumption has been directly linked to diarrhea.

If you are going to belly up to the bar consider the effects of wheatgrass. You may want to take a second look at espresso and cappuccino or even whiskey, which is, from what I understand, made from wheat as well.

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