About Prescription Drug Costs

The Rising Of Prescription Drug Costs

By Boon Huang -
Over the past few years, concern is rising over constantly rising prescription drug costs. Many people, senior citizens especially, do not have adequate prescription drug coverage so they end up paying a huge amount of money for their medications that could be spent on other necessities, like food! It is a problem of whole world.

Unfortunately, some people have to make the choice between paying for their medicines or paying the electric or phone bill. There are some assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers, which are available to people who qualify for help, which can reduce prescription drug costs significantly.

The application process is quite easy, and may be no more involved than filling out a form and submitting it to the company. Income verification is not always required depending on the company and the drug for which assistance is being requested.

There are other programs available to people also, that help reduce or eliminate prescription drug cost. Because of some chronic medical conditions, select patients may qualify for public assistance programs such as Medicaid, due to disability and inability to work due to the health issue.

People who do not qualify for this type of assistance, and who do not have health insurance, must find a way to pay prescription drug costs. Even if covered by health insurance, not all include prescription drug coverage, and may just cover major medical expenses such as in-patient hospitalization.

On the other hand, if a plan does include coverage for prescription drug costs, only those considered formulary by that insurer are covered. Otherwise, the medication may have to be substituted for another that is similar and is included in the formulary.

Another way to save on prescription drug costs with existing insurance is to take advantage of the mail order drug program if available. This allows a ninety-day supply of medication to be purchased at once for much less than what three individual monthly refills would cost.

Canadian mail order pharmacies are also an option to reduce prescription drug costs. However, be sure to shop around and compare prices before placing an order. Another popular way to save money is to purchase medications over the southern border in Mexico.

However, these medications may be the same or appear very similar, but they do not have to go through the stringent requirements set forth by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. You may be saving on prescription drug costs, but you may not be getting an equivalent medication either. So be careful, caveat emptor.

Hope every government and county will solve this problem hand in hand.

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