Accutane As Acne Solutions

Is Accutane The Best Treatment For Acne?

By Boon Huang -
Accutane is the brand name for a isotretinoin. It isn't for wimps. It's controversial. It's effective for some in the treatment of acne, but you pretty much have to be desperate to try it. To what I've known, acne antibiotics is certainly not the best. But is accutane the best acne treatment available?

There can be side effects. Serious side effects. If you're a parent, and your child's dermatologist is telling you that accutane is the next step in a series of treatments that haven't worked, think very carefully before you try it, and consider alternative approaches offered by non-traditional practitioners such as naturopaths.

They can offer a regimen of high doses of vitamins, herbs, gentle topical treatments and changes in diets that can eliminate acne for some without harmful side effects. It's not very expensive to try, and certainly worth a try if it means sparing your child the risks associated with accutane.

What are the side effects? The biggie, the really scary one is that there is a high risk of severe birth defects if you become pregnant while taking accutane. Some teens are sexually active; some aren't. Some are responsible about birth control; some aren't. If you have a daughter who is not sexually active, she'll have to take birth control pills along with accutane. What could this medication be doing to someone who takes it if it causes birth defects? Is it worth taking the risk?

Other side effects can include dry and itchy skin, chapped lips, muscle and joint pain, irritated eyelids, decreased night vision, nosebleeds, skin rashes, intestinal discomfort, urinary symptoms, headaches, increased susceptibility to sunburn, and depression-even thoughts of suicide.

Now, some people with very bad acne have suicidal thoughts too because it is such a difficult experience for a young person to be disfigured by acne. Another potential side effect is liver damage. This is serious enough so that if you take accutane, you have to get regular blood tests to monitor the level of fat in your blood to make sure your liver isn't failing.

Another thing. It might not work. And for some people, it'll work only while you're taking it and as soon as you stop taking it, back comes the acne. But you're only supposed to take accutane for a limited time. So, for many it's taking a serious risk for a solution that's only temporary.

There are people who have had success with accutane. Otherwise dermatologists wouldn't be subscribing it. It's just a good idea to make sure all less invasive options have been exhausted before stepping into a treatment that has potential to do so much harm.

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