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By Stephanie Pek -
Most of us have them. They're called credit cards. If you have no credit card, simply apply one online. It often seems that we can't live without these nifty, little cards. They allow us to buy those things that we shouldn't really be looking at since we can't afford them, but for some reason we get them anyway.

It's a classic human flaw. In the world of charging, the Visa credit card is certainly the leader of the pack. There is an obvious reason for this. Every business accepts them. How can you argue with that.

I applied for a Visa credit card right after high school. I thought to myself, okay I have a job, therefore I can have a charge card. Little did I know. The Visa credit card, like any other can work like a catch 22. You can use them to purchase things you need or don't need, but then the interest rates are going to kill you.

It's almost unavoidable. Unless you're one of those few who pay off their credit cards every month, you know the repercussions. Although this is the case when he dive into the world of credit cards and charging it, we never seem to learn our lesson.

The allure of credit cards comes with the charge limit they offer. Let's say you get your first Visa credit card, and your limit is two grand. Great, that's two thousand dollars you have at your fingertips for purchases, right? Well, not exactly. Even though we can taste that new TV or CD player, we should refrain from jumping the gun, unless we have the funds rolling in next month.

As a former college student, I saw many delusional students out on their own for the first time with their Visa credit card. They see something they want but can't afford, it's cool, throw it on the credit card. Wow, will this add up. You'd be amazed at how much you'll have spent after four years.

Another common screw up is the happy hour scene that college folk love so dearly. This can do horrible things to the credit card balance. Unfortunately this will likely go unnoticed until graduation or the next billing statement. Then the reality sets in.

Visa credit cards can work as a wonderful tool in our money stressed lives. We need a little help sometimes, so we resort to the card. This is why many of us get them. While we all want the option of paying with a credit card, we must proceed with caution. These helpful, little plastic wonders can get us in a bind if we're not careful.

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