Bill Pay Online Option

Have Your Bill Pay Online With Internet Banking

By Stephanie Pek -
Most banks have a similar bill pay online set up. You have to create an online Internet billing account or so called "Internet Banking". Once you do you can access any money accounts you have with that bank. If you have a checking account for example, it shows up on your screen, showing you your current balance and a transaction history.

You can then select a number of preset companies to choose from to pay bills directly from your account. Most banks have a huge list of companies you can select from, and if the company you want to bill pay online with is not there you can enter it in manually. Once you’ve paid an bill online this way, paying future bills is as easy as logging into your online account and clicking some buttons.

I’ve been using Bank of America for some years, and their convenient and user-friendly bill pay online options has redeemed themselves for a long and convoluted history of ridiculous fees. Finally, they are offering me something worthy of a small fee, and the ironic thing is they offer it for free.

If your bank for some reason does not offer online bill payments, or you don’t have a bank account, there are also a number of companies that offer online bill pay with out having a money account. These companies typically operate by way of credit card.

Online bill pay is worth looking into. It may sound daunting, but it’s easy to use even if you have very limited experience using computers, and it’ll save you both time and postage.

I think one of the greatest functions of the internet today are the bill pay online options with bank accounts. Email is nice sure, sites like eBay are neat, there are even sites for your to Buy Coupons For Online Shopping; It is a one stop shop for exclusive coupons from various online stores. Shopping from home without having to talk to anyone is a novelty, but paying bills online is simply fantastic. I hate paying bills, I’m almost afraid to get the mail every day because I know there is going to be at least one bill in the pile.

Not only is the financially obligation part annoying, but is mostly the actual act of writing the check, filling out their little forms, and sending it in that irritates me. When you have 10 or more bills coming in every month, it seems like you’re always paying bills. Bill pay online is therefore priceless to me, because I get far more bill every month than I can count.

Just about every big bank with a website offers you some bill pay online functions. If your bank doesn’t have a website, or if they do but haven’t quite figured out the whole bill pay online thing, you may want to consider finding a new bank.

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