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By Ronnie Tan -
Desktop publishing courses offer lessons on such techniques and strategies as well as on many more processes. What about, for example, page layout? Do you know how to change the page from portrait to landscape style? Or, regarding formatting, could you use some help importing and placement of text boxes, columns, headers, and images? Writing articles with Words-Editor? Giving presentation and even web publishing with your own websites.

With the net lending itself best to individualization and autonomy-combined with a profound globalization of those individual entrepreneurs and businesses-desktop publishing courses have become imperative. For Microsoft Word users, for instance, people want to learn how to set up templates, import graphics, work with menus and sub menus, work with toolbars, establish file properties, set margins, use column and graph functions, and manipulate colors, shading, borders, and fonts., for example, has a 12 Rules of DTP (Desktop Publishing) course that is twelve weeks long (or in twelve modules you can do at your own convenience and pace) that are free. The same site also offers specific desktop publishing courses that focus on one are of desktop publishing-creating a greeting card (for beginners or non-designers).

And, of course, your Microsoft Word suite includes a help section with numerous guidelines, both on your program (click the Help menu) and online (once inside Help, there will be an option for web searching).

No one, in other words, is left out of the equation, whether rich or poor, whether with plenty of spare time or limited study hours, whether computer-savvy or beginning this wonderful exploration of the desktop functions.

Hundreds of desktop publishing courses exist in the physical world and online. Many are accredited, taught by qualified professionals and instructors, and most offer a thorough and comprehensive syllabus package in general of desktop publishing courses in particular.

For instance, the following offerings are found online (described as featured, for example, at a course that takes eleven and a half hours; courses that cover 40 weeks worth of material; classes in elements of design; desktop publishing courses focused on planning and designing documents such as newsletters, memos, calendars, flyers, and cards; and classes teaching you to merge documents, manipulate fields, and format and/or manipulate outlines and edit text.

If your goals and objectives are of a more casual nature, you may want to forgo the certification or degree tracks and look for desktop publishing courses in your community. Recreation centers often feature such classes for a minimal fee or for free to seniors, for instance.

Night school, adult school, and libraries also have offers for a small entrance, exam, or materials fee, as well. And there are online articles and tips guides that will give you a leg up by simulating the primary elements in desktop publishing courses. You can learn easily from the comfort of your home.

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