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The Trend Of Buying Desktop Computer Online

By Ronnie Tan -
Internet website computer stores like, offers the DIY ( Do-It-Yourself ) crowd several options to build their own desktop computers. In fact, when customers order their own parts and assemble their own PCs, they tend to get machines with higher configuration, better processing power, more memory and overall at a much more reasonable cost than the branded desktop computer manufacturers can offer. If you are one of the savvy, you should know what I mean.

But then, building a desktop computer from scratch is not the easiest of options, even for those with a basic hardware education and should be left to professionals. But if you are game for some trial and effort, have a lot of free time on your hands and are courageous enough to take up the challenge, then maybe building your own desktop computer is something you might be interested in.

Ever since the first personal desktop computer made its presence felt on the first office desk, humanity as we know it has become infatuated with desktop computing.

Over the decades the processing speeds have gone up, the configurations have changed, desktop computers have become more adaptable to concepts like the Internet and networking, but the fundamental purpose has been the same ?that of providing affordable computing services to every office desk in the world!

From its initial days as a mammoth machine that occupied a room, the desktop computer of today has become snug enough to occupy very little space on your desk. Till a couple of years ago, the desktop computers came with huge, cumbersome desktop monitors.

These were cathode ray tube (or CRT) monitors and took up more space than the central processing unit of the desktop computer. But of late, the desktop computers available in the market come with flat screen liquid crystal display monitors, making them lightweight and sleek.

The changes have been more than superficial though. If truth be told, the very desktop computer industry has undergone massive changes. The original manufacturer, Integrated Business Machines (IBM) is still around. But they no longer have a monopoly on the desktop computer industry. China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea have entered, conquered and continue to drive the desktop computer market in the world today. Many major companies have tried to get their businesses online by offering their targeted world-wide customers to build their dream computer with their online portal.

Although price was the initial entry point for these Asian manufacturers, over a period of time, they have grabbed sufficient market share and volumes to provide dependable quality and even product innovation in their versions of the desktop computers.

Additionally, by not using storage space for their desktop computers, by eliminating the need for sales personnel and by even dissolving inventory, these manufacturers are winning back the market share for desktop computers that had almost entire evaporated to Asia.

Western manufacturers like Dell Computers are slowly by steadily turning this trend around. With a new concept called built to order I the desktop computer industry, manufacturers like Dell are weeding out the middleman and the associated premium costs.

By building your desktop computer to your specifications and at the price you deem right, these manufacturers are able to provide great quality, at a price that will be difficult for the makers of the branded desktop computers to match. So as other upcoming competitors. Build your own PC is the trend now.

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