Finding A Suitable Computer Desk

A Computer Desk For Your Desktop PC

By Ronnie Tan -
Ever since we got our new desktop computer, my wife has been nagging me to get a suitable computer desk for it. Right now, the computer lies precariously perched on the dining table that serves as a ad-hoc desk of sorts. Frankly, it is not a very convenient arrangement. I was hoping to get small office type of computer desk at least, that kind with flexibility.

When it is just the two of us at home, we eat wherever we want to, most often in front of the television. But when guests arrive, it becomes a mammoth problem. The computer has to be moved from the ad hoc dining table cum computer desk to a less inconvenient location.

Similarly, the tangle of wires that lead from the socket to the computer, the computer to the keyboard and mouse and from the computer to the printer have to be moved as well. Finally, after one particularly painful weekend, when the computer moved not once or twice but a grand total of five times, I had had enough.

I resolved then and there to go shopping for a suitable computer desk. So with wife in tow, I made my way to one of the reputed furniture dealers in town to select a good, yet affordable computer desk. Believe me when I tell you, shopping for a home could be much easier!

The trouble with choosing a good computer desk is that there are so many varieties to pick from. There is the regular, plain Jane computer desk that comes with a table, a chair and nothing else; there is also the drawer variety of computer desk that comes with, you guessed it, a drawer!

Then of course there is the ergonomically designed computer desk that comes with an adjustable table height and optimal positioning of the computer for reading and working convenience. And finally there is the space age computer desk that makes you feel like Captain Kirk atop the control and command terminal on the spaceship Enterprise!

The wife and I looked at all these kinds of computer desks and more until we were totally flabbergasted. It was then that we spotted the do it yourself section which had a special offer on custom built computer desks. We were thrilled.

Finally, here was an option that would allow us to create the computer desk of our dreams at a fraction of the price of a pre-built one! We happily entered the section and soon spotted a computer desk in the catalogue. We selected an antique finish and happily carted our would-be computer desk home. There it lay for the rest of the week as I resolved to set it up over the weekend.

The weekend came and I happily set to work on the computer desk. With the self explanatory diagram laid out in front of me, I hammered away at the various pieces of wood that were supposed to come together as the computer desk of our dreams. Fourteen hours later, I stood looking at what appeared to be a mangled, gnarled sample of modern art.

I don’t know how or where, but the build it yourself project had gone horribly wrong. Today, my computer stands perched proudly atop the dining table and ad-hoc computer desk. While the dream computer desk (or what remains of it) lies in the garage, never to see the light of day again!

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