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Basic Computer Training For You Online

By Ronnie Tan -
More and more computer school offers online computer courses. Computer software training in basic or advance are something that we could easily learn. Some company publishes training video in a demo for you on their websites or within their software.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 20 years, you know as well as I do that computers rule the day. Not knowing how to use a computer not only seriously limits the kinds of work you can find, but also disqualifies you from a number of great conveniences computers offer ever day life in the world of today. If you don’t know how to use a computer, getting some basic computer training will be a very wise investment.

Basic computer training can be as simple as teaching yourself. If you’re reading this, you are using a computer and so you’re already well on your way toward a self taught basic computer training. When computers first started coming into homes on a large scale, that’s pretty much what I did. The reining Microsoft operating system at the time, DOS, was complicated and not exactly user friendly, but I spent some time everyday just fooling around with it and eventually it’s mysteries unfolded to me.

Today, giving yourself some basic computer training is easier than ever, as the current operating systems are much more user oriented than DOS ever was. Having said that, I have to say that I loved DOS, and miss it horribly. DOS shells just aren’t the same thing. Anyway, I’m getting off track.

The point is anyone can teach themselves how to use Windows or Apple’s operating system oh-so creatively called OS. All you need is some time and a computer, and if you’re reading this you must have both. To help, there are plenty of basic computer training books and guides out there to get you started.

Of course, even better would be to take a basic computer training course. An actual basic computer training course would teach you everything you need to know much faster than stumbling through it on your own. However, courses like these do cost money, and will require you to attend a classroom of some kind. There are a lot of basic computer training courses taught at adult night schools, using the resources of local high schools, city colleges or universities.

Several years ago my computer illiterate mother took one of these basic computer training classes, and now I think she knows more than I do about using Windows. She has also since gotten a job she never would have been able to land without knowledge of computers.

Basic computer training would benefit anyone. Even if you are retired or don’t work, knowing how to write and send emails, how to pay bills online, how to order products or buy tickets online, or just perusing the internet to do some research can really open the doors to a vast amount of resources for you.

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