Beware When Looking For Advertising Job

My Advertising Job Was Just A Con

By Stephanie Pek -
Do you search for jobs online? Well, there are certainly a lots of businesses and jobs opportunity you can find, but not really are them all your cup of tea. If you are a creative and innovative person and an original thinker with strong English or design skills, an advertising job might be just the perfect thing for you as the job descriptions does that you had read.

Many people graduated college without knowing where they are bound for or what they want to do with their lives ?especially humanities students. I should know ?I was one. I stumbled around from occupation to occupation never quite sure what was the right one for me, and felt lost and ungrounded; I went to some job fairs. That is, until I got an advertising job.

One of the biggest advantages of an advertising job is that, if you graduated from a good school with good grades and can demonstrate a charming, professional demeanor with strong communication skills and a positive outlook, many companies will hire you right off the bat ?even without extensive training.

You acquire the skills that you need on the job through mentoring or training courses. This is because the most important skill ?creativity ?they can't teach. It is something that you already have. What they give you in the agency while you are working for them is the confidence and tools to use that creativity for a bright and productive career.

There are many different types of advertising jobs, so it is best to be careful. This is because you might find one which is not a real advertising job at all, but instead a sort of pyramid scheme. I was involved in this type of advertising job one, and boy let me tell you, was it a scuzzy deal.

Basically, the way the company worked was that you'd be hired in an entry level position after one interview and a day of on the job training. Everyone would pat you on the back, teach you positive, upbeat cheers, and encourage you with promises of great big fat future paychecks with residual earnings on top of it all, but to get there, you essentially had to sell your soul for something around minimum wage.

This advertising job would start you on the street going from house to house, selling discount cards for a small profit on each card. You would make a tiny bit of money on each, so that your profit was based on selling a certain number of them.

In addition, your future in the company and your advancement was based on consistently meeting or exceeding quota, not to mention working long and exhausting hours. Theoretically, if you were willing to commit to years of working ceaselessly for the company, you would eventually have your own franchise office and residual income from the employees you trained, but the only way that this worked was because of the fact that most people burned out after a week or a few months to a year at most.

Never get this kind of advertising job ?it is nothing but a con.

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