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It was the fourth most searched for item on the Internet. It was the number one sell-out item on EBay (where it was selling and being auctioned off for prices as high as $5,000 for the new $400 console, says WebPro News’ technology and business writer Jason L. Miller). It is fought over, dreamed of, and hurt for its possession. It is the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 was second to none this year except last year at this time (Christmastime), when it didn’t hit the markets in time for shoppers, and forfeited its number-one status to the ever-popular Sony PlayStation, reports Miller.

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But as with the $150 dollar sneakers a few years ago, the Xbox 360 may be too popular (or our culture too covetous):

In Stafford, Virginia, November saw an Electronics Boutique getting robbed at gunpoint not for cash or any of the other valuable technology and gameware, but for two Xbox 360s.

In one unidentified city where lines of desperate shoppers waited to purchase the next delivery of Xboxes, one dweeb who had already purchased his held it out the window of the car he and friends were driving from the store in. The show-off dropped the box and an agile-footed teen swooped in, scooped up the 360 and ran off with his now brand new toy.

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Outside of one Walmart, reports blogger soccerbob, three friends of the writer were held up by two armed man, who, he says, “only wanted the Xbox.”

And in North Dakota, as Jason Miller also reports, a seventeen-year-old who had been lucky enough to purchase one of the first Xbox 360s fresh off the newly-stocked shelves was punched in the face and robbed of his new gaming platform by two “assailants”.

It is now New Year’s Eve in the US, and the emailed promotion to “Get what you REALLY wanted” [for Xmas] speaks to the continued popularity of the Xbox 360: the first auction feature has a bid of $700, with a “BUY IT NOW” price of $800. The second photo offers the same at the high bid at $575…and the photo shows a warehouse stack of em. And the third listing has the Xbox 360 going for $1,300.

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Are these the stolen Xboxes now being pawned off for 1 and ½, 2, and 3times the store price? Are these the ones we gullible line-standers waited hours for, only to be turned away empty-handed, as he first ten people in line got the first fifty (to sell on EBay…NOT to give as gifts)?

Are we back to the materialism and greed of pre-9-1-1? Have we misplaced our values again, passed them off onto unknowing children who just want to engage in the ADD activity that is gaming?

Or are we merely very, very fortunate to live in a culture where good art (in good games with good graphics), cutting edge technology as entertainment, and Christmas are limitless sources of pleasure and reward for being good all year, working hard, studying hard, and taking out he trash when Mommy asks the first time?

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