Teenage Pregnancy on Increase

Read this first! Trained professionals are available to provide women with pertinent abortion information and lead them to an informed decision. A pregnancy is a life event and the decision whether to keep the pregnancy or not, should not be taken lightly and all long term ramifications must be considered.

Adolescent years are the best years of our lives. Most of us have very fond memories of childhood and teenage years but then most things also look better in retrospect. With the fond memories, we are also reminded of the difficulties we faced with adjustment as teenagers, social decorum or behavioral norms.

Teenage years are very crucial and coping with them becomes easier when we have a mentor or a guide to look up to whether in the form of a parent, friend or teacher. These are the years when most of us develop our personalities. Experiences in these years shapes us in later years and determines the people we end up becoming. Adolescence comes with its set of good and bad or pros and cons to sound more conventional. Problems range from teenage pregnancy to peer pressure and depression. Some of these have a plausible solution while others do not.

Read this first! Abortion is not a pleasant subject for casual discussion. Pro-life and pro-choice supporters both feel strongly about their convictions, and each side holds certain beliefs regarding abortion and the unborn fetus.

Take for example teenage pregnancy which is common to almost all factions of society and culture. As adults we must appropriately inform teenagers of proper usage of contraception. Correct guidance and openness is the ruse. Hesitation in the parents to talk openly to their children can lead both into trouble.

Also in addition children need to be properly educated about sex and related topics. When both guiding forces whether the home or school encourages openness in a child, the possibility of him coping with his adolescence or say adulthood is easier. We in modern societies take adolescence for granted. The advent from childhood into manhood is not that much of a big deal, for us.

Read this first! Abortion information is widely available from health care providers in a variety of settings, not to mention the great amount that is accessible on the internet.

Notice primitive societies and most you would find out had a ceremony to announce this change. Several communities till date have continued this. It helps the adolescent to make his entry into the adult world and is not that much of a bad idea at all.

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  1. 1. Have an open, honest sseytm where they trust you enough to tell you about their friends, boy/girlfriends, dating and what they are doing with their free time/when they are with friends or romantic interests. In high school, every single one of my friends who had a relationship with their parents like the one I described, waited. The ones who had parents without open communication (regardless of whether they were strict or permissive) did not wait. One girl with particularly strict parents still tells the story of how her boyfriend had to hide under the bed when her mother came home unexpectedly early he hid until it was late enough for her to sneak him out of the house.2. Have this be just another step in the sexual education. You should have been giving age-appropriate books (or having conversations but books tend to be more informative since parents often get flustered) all along. For example, my parents read me a Where do babies come from? picture book when I was 3 and my mom was pregnant. They continued giving me books about all aspects of health and sexual education where the material was at an age and developmentally appropriate level. Then they would either read it to me or with me, or let me read it on my own then check with me that I understood it.3. Talk to them but if you don’t have the open and honest communication of suggestion 1, this is usually embarrassing. Try talking in such a way that they don’t have to look directly at you, e.g. in a car or casually bring it up while baking cookies or playing basketball.4. Give them a college level biology textbook (we used this one Biology, by Raven) and have them read the chapters on viruses, bacteria and protists (which include many parasites). Believe me, we just went through those sections, and it is probably the best way to encourage abstinance (not to mention brushing your teeth, washing your hands and eating properly prepared food) that I’ve ever seen.

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