Drunk Driving Kills

Think Before You Get Into Drunk Driving

By Fiona -
The media has been all over Mel Gibson since his recent Drunk Driving incident. I'm a fan of his and it won't deter me from seeing his movies. However, it does make me feel differently about him and there is a sense of anger towards him. That sense of anger is the same as I feel towards anyone who is Drunk Driving. I've been a victim of Drunk Driving and heard entirely too many stories to not be adamant about it.

When I was seventeen years old, I was leaving the movie theater when a man who was Drunk Driving sideswiped me. It wasn't a major accident but enough to scare the wits of out me. Neither of us was injured but I was so upset with him. Had he not swerved, I may not be writing this today. Because he was disrespectful enough to get behind the wheel after a few drinks and drive home.

I say disrespectful because in my opinion, that's what Drunk Driving is. A night of drinking may seem innocent and fun, but it is completely irresponsible and disrespectful to get behind the wheel. This man had no thought about who he may be affecting by his Drunk Driving. He affected my evening.

Two years ago, four local boys were driving home from a graduation party. Every one of them was completely sober. A man on a motorcycle was coming towards them with his teenage daughter holding onto him. He decided to turn in front of the oncoming car that was filled with graduates and they collided. Instantly, the collision burst into flames. All four boys along with the father and daughter on the motorcycle were killed instantly. Six lives that were ended earlier.

When the investigation was over, it was determined that the driver of the motorcycle had been drunk. His poor decision making skills affected more than his own life - he killed his own daughter and four college-bound boys in one second. Not to mention all of the families that were completely destroyed.

Just because one person was Drunk Driving. I pass that roadside memorial every day on my way to work and am reminded about how Drunk Driving is such a tragic decision. Ask around, I'm sure you'll find someone who can tell you a story about how that topic affected their life.

I have a low tolerance of some stupidity in this world. And I learned it in my adult years, that there are quite a few people in this world who have very little common sense or maybe too much selfishness. It is not uncommon to find someone at this day and age who has not been affected in some way by Drunk Driving.

Whether they know someone who was a victim, someone who was the driver or heard a very powerful story, Drunk Driving impacts almost everyone. I have read one story on email that was forwarded to me by my friend. With picture of a beautiful girl that fell in victim of a drunkard accident, eventually defaced seriously, and have at least lost her face while caught in fire.

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