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Prevents Car Burglar With Automotive Security Systems

By Andy Peh -
In today's world, when car burglars and car jacking are becoming increasingly commonplace, automotive security systems or car burglar alarm system are more than a necessary evil. They are a mandatory fitting in most cars. In fact, most insurance companies will insist on an effective automotive security system before they agree to insure your car. There are lots of burglar alarm system on the market for different type of choices. Read for more information.

There is a clause in most insurance applications that specifies that a recognized automotive security system is required in order for the insurance to be applicable. Recognizing this need, most automobile manufacturers build in effective automotive security systems into their cars and trucks. All of the latest model cars in the market come with some or the other form of automotive security system in them.

Even if your car is an older model or came without an in-built automotive security system, you can do your bit to prevent theft by installing an effective one. While the initial cost may seem intimidating, it is well worth the money if it can help prevent theft. Not to mention the stress and the waste of time running around for insurance, police complaints etc. Studies reveal that a car is stolen every twenty five seconds in the United States. You surely don’t want to be a part of that statistic!

A basic automotive security system consists of a sensor fitted with an alarm that goes off if someone tries to forcibly enter your car. This sort of an automotive security system also comes with an auto locking facility that allows you to lock and unlock your car doors from a distance. Ever seen those shoppers in front of supermarket parking lots frantically pressing on their hand held beeper to identify their car? Well, the automotive security system also has this sort of unadvertised use!

A slightly more advanced automotive security system comes with additional features like lockable wheels to ensure that even if the auto thief manages to enter the car, he will not be able to drive it away. An extension of this sort of a system also uses password protection and even digital fingerprinting to ensure that the rightful owner of the car is entering and driving the car.

The digital fingerprinting automotive security system is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the latest series of Mercedes Benz comes with a digital fingerprinting automotive security system that eliminates the need to carry keys around. Keys can be duplicated, but nobody can hope to duplicate your fingerprint!

But these sorts of automotive security systems are of no use if the auto thief manages to beat them and still drive away with your car. Which is why, high end automotive security systems come with even more enhanced features like a silent beeper which gets activated during or after a car jacking, enabling the police to track down your car even much later after the theft.

Such automotive security systems cost a pretty packet though. But for the discerning user, who does not mind the expense, it is a sure shot way to ensure that your car remains in the hands of its rightful owner at all times. And woe betide the thief who tries to snatch it away!

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