Auto Glass Windshield Repair

Windshield For The Auto Glass Shoppers

By Andy Peh -
Sounds familiar? Thunk! Crack! Ding! Those are the sounds we hate to hear as we drive on the highway. It means, here comes trouble. It means in my experience, that I may need to have some auto glass repair done. Shopper might find the below information helpful when turning to an auto windshield installation.

I have had a broken windshield a few times in my driving career. Every time something happened to my windshield, it happened while driving at high speeds on the highway. You can never tell if the car in front of you will hits stone and ding your windshield or other auto body parts. Perhaps you are stuck behind a dump truck and a pebble falls off. At highway speeds, it is almost certain that you will need an auto glass specialist.

Last year, I ended up through some lucky coincidence of having two windshields replaced in two weeks. So I rapidly learned from experience a little bit about auto glass. My first ding ?I never knew what happened. One day, I went to my car and there it was ?a large crack across my windshield. One evening it was not there, and the next morning it was. Perhaps it was the stress of a cold January day that found a weakness in the auto glass of my car.

So I called my local auto glass repair experts. They came out to my car and were courteous and professional as they replaced my windshield. One week later, I am driving on the highway with my beautiful new windshield. Thunk! My new windshield was just hit by a stone.

I look, and I think Mr. Murphey was watching me because I had a nick in my windshield. So I called the auto glass repair shop once again. It is cheaper to seal a nick in a windshield that to replace the windshield. Many times, the repaired hole will last a long time.

My repair lasted until this last cold spell. Then the crack started. Just along the bottom moving across the windshield. After a couple feet of moving across, it moved up and down. I needed a new windshield. It was just my luck. I hope that this time, I will keep away from stray pebbles that go thunk!

A broken and dinged windshield is not fun. It is inconvenient and yet it must be taken care of. A small ding in a windshield can become a large crack quickly. The auto glass shops will help you handle your insurance claim and make sure that you get prompt and courteous attention.

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