(Car) Auto Accident Lawyer Review

Does (Car) Auto Accident Lawyer Help Your Claims?

By Andy Peh -
If you are on an car accident dispute, car or auto accident lawyers are pretty far down on the totem poll of the lawyer food chain. I've yet to meet an auto accident lawyer that didn't immediately give me the impression of an over educated used car salesman.

With so many law schools out there and so many lawyers coming onto the scene every year, a good portion of them inevitably end up jobless or in less than desirable jobs, such as working as an auto accident lawyer. Are their services really helpful? Let's find out.

Because the job market is so tough for lawyers, I don’t really blame auto accident lawyers; they’re just looking for work like everyone else. I almost sort of feel sorry for them actually. With the exception of maybe divorce law, working with auto accidents and personal injuries has got to be the most dramatic and stressful forms of civil law there is.

Even though they’re pretty much frowned on by all other lawyers, and made fun of by people in general, auto accident lawyers are sometimes very helpful. If you’ve been in an accident you probably know how complicated and frustrating trying to resolve the issue can become. The problem is exacerbated by auto accident lawyers themselves, encouraging their clients to seek damages and settlements they really don’t deserve.

The commercials some auto accident lawyers have really don’t help the situation; they often depict people bragging about how much money they pulled in on their settlement using the advertised auto accident lawyer’s services. People, fueled by these commercials, are driving around out there just waiting to sue the hell out of anyone that dings their car.

Sometimes, however, you really do deserve a substantial settlement, especially if you were seriously hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault. For this reason, and to defend yourself against overzealous lawsuits of others, sometimes an auto accident lawyer can be a real life saver.

If you are in need of a good auto accident lawyer, do some solid research before making the call. Don’t be sucked in by those commercials as you might just wind up with a real wheeler dealer type that doesn’t give a damn about your situation, but rather wants to exploit it for all its worth.

Hopefully you’ll never need to use the services of an auto accident lawyer, but accidents happen. If you weren’t hurt, please just consider letting the insurance companies deal with it. Even though you may be able to milk the situation for a free settlement, you’ll be unfairly raising the other persons rates and fueling an industry that is clogging courts and getting out of control.

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