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By Andy Peh -
I remember the days when I used to have auto accessory basically consisted of bumper stickers. Today, there are a lot of great gadgets and details for the exterior as well as the interior of your car. Auto accessories have come a long way and the options are almost endless. With a little imagination, you can create an individual style that is all your own, try it now.

Sports enthusiasts will love the many auto accessories created to show off team loyalty. Football fans can show support by accessorizing their vehicles with their favorite team's logo. I know some football fans who choose their vehicle's paint color according to their favorite team's color.

The logos would make the perfect addition to the auto accessories available for sports fans. Also, tailgating without showing some team spirit isn't demonstrating that you are a true fan of the sport or of the team. Auto accessories that are sports driven make staying home to watch the game seem silly when you can go out to enjoy the event.

We are spending more and more time in our vehicles and our cars are becoming like a second home for many of us who spend a lot of hours on the road traveling the countryside. The latest auto accessories meet the various needs of the driving population by bringing some of the home into the vehicle.

Part of this involves bringing entertainment into the car. Auto accessories are not limited to decals and nifty vanity plates anymore. We are moving the comforts of home into our cars. Cutting edge electronics like DVD players are making themselves at home in minivans across the county.

Some of these auto accessories come right with the vehicle. Many newer vehicles boast dockable family entertainment systems that match the interior of the vehicle seamlessly. Most of these nifty gadgets are tucked away in the roof's interior and are only brought down when in use.

The great thing about this auto accessory is that it can be taken anywhere. Even though it is built to fit the car, it isn't exactly built into the interior roof space, so it can be removed. The unit in the docking system can be played independently from the charger for about three hours.

My siblings and I would have loved to have had a chance to watch movies while taking a long trip. This is among my favorite auto accessories available on the market today. I imagine that vacation trips to destinations that are within driving distance will seem to take half the time with the entertainment system helping us along.

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