The Alternate Fuel Sources

What Alternate Fuel Sources Will Take Place?

By Andy Peh -
Many of the alternate fuel sources come from plant sources. They go by names like Biodeisel, or E85, and have the advantage of being, at least partly, renewable resources. The alternate fuel source E85 actually consists of 15% gasoline with 85% ethanol, so it is not completely renewable, but it is still better than just burning pure gas. This article will give you a brand new idea of alternative fuel.

Although these alternate fuel sources have some advantages - chiefly the fact that they are renewable, and are also supposed to pollute somewhat less than traditional gasoline - they are not the best solution. They still pollute and they require the growing of vast amounts of corn to make them, meaning that there is less land for growing food for people.

There are plenty of alternate fuel sources available in this day and age, and they are getting more and more important as our traditional ones are being depleted. Everyone knows that gas is on the way out, and so the more use you can make of alternate fuel sources, the better a favor you are doing for the environment and your fellow man.

Gasoline pollutes, is becoming increasingly expensive to extract, and is dwindling in supply, but there are promising alternate fuel sources that, if we plan well, will be in place to take the place of traditional sources by the time a serious crises comes. Even now alternative fuel developers are expecting electricity to become the next source we can get in substitution for gas-driven vehicles.

Electric cars use one of the best alternate fuel sources. They are efficient because all of the electricity that they need can be generated in one central location, instead of using a small, inefficient internal combustion motor. Electric cars can use electricity generated by any kind of power plant, from coal to hydro-electric to wind, so they are really a great alternate mode of transportation.

Of course, the best of the alternate fuel sources is the one not talked about much: your own two legs on the peddles of your bike. Peddle power has become an increasingly popular option lately, as none of the other alternate fuel sources has completely panned out. Biodiesel is not all that widely available, and electric cars have not really been perfected, but the bike is really a flawless machine for short to medium commutes.

So, before investing in one of those pricier alternate fuel sources, ask yourself if it would not be easier to walk or ride there. You will be in better shape, save some money, and do a favor for the environment as well.

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